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Thank you for using our portal for gifts, hospitality, and entertainment approvals. Trying to exercise inappropriate influence through GHE could violate the law and our policies, and expose Veritas to regulatory fines and penalties It is important that we follow applicable policies at all times.

This GHE registry and pre-approval form is designed to submit requests for approval of business expenses in excess of the applicable monetary thresholds required by Veritas policies. There are different thresholds for commercial entities, US government entities, and non-US government or quasi-government entities. Please consult the Anticorruption Policy for details.

For multiple recipients to the same Veritas meeting or event including gifts, hospitality or entertainment, please use this form as one submission with an EthicsLine GHE Form for Multiple Recipients.

For any question, consult our policies, your manager or the Human Resource department. You may also always contact the OEC directly at or ask a question through the Veritas EthicsLine.

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For gifts, hospitality or entertainment provided to 5 or more recipients as part of a meeting or event, please attach the Veritas EthicsLine GHE Form for Multiple Recipients to the request by following the attachment directions after submitting the request.

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Veritas' EthicsLine is provided by Veritas for individuals to report issues relating to Accounting and Auditing, Bribery or Other Improper Payments, and Fraud or Falsification of Company Documents or Records. Use of Veritas' EthicsLine is entirely voluntary. You will not be penalized and your employment will not be affected if you elect to use or not to use the EthicsLine.

European Economic Area (“EEA”) data privacy regulations require that a person making a report containing personal data must be notified of certain collection and retention practices regarding information submitted through this system, as well as consent to the processing of information as described in this Notice. Because you have indicated that you either live in the European Economic Area or the matter about which you are reporting arises from a country within the European Economic Area , you are being asked to read and accept the terms contained in this Notice.

Please indicate your consent by clicking the “Consent” box below and clicking on the “Continue” tab at the bottom of this Data Privacy Notice. If you do not wish to consent to the processing of your information as described in this Notice, please click the “Cancel” tab below as we are unable to accept any information through this system and ask that you please report this matter to your local management, Human Resources or Legal Department.

Collection of Information:

We may collect the following information through EthicsLine: your name, job function and contact details; the name and other data about individuals that are named in your report; a description of the conduct at issue in your report including time, date and location, as well as other pertinent information. The information provided by you will be treated confidentially. If you identify yourself you will facilitate our investigation and your report will be more effective. Therefore, we encourage you to identify yourself.

Processing and Access to Information:

Your name, contact details and job function will be used to contact you in order to follow up to your report with additional questions or updates if needed. The information regarding the conduct at issue will be used to conduct an investigation and to trigger any action that may be deemed necessary. All of the information that you report to us will be stored encrypted in the database of the EthicsLine hosted by EthicsPoint, Inc. in the USA (“EthicsPoint”). EthicsPoint adheres to the Safe Harbor Principles and Veritas has intra-company agreements based upon the standard contractual clauses approved by the European Data Protection Authorities. After a report is made, a detailed record is prepared and sent directly to the Veritas Office of Ethics and Compliance as the party responsible for the operation of EthicsLine. Unless required by law or litigation, information in the EthicsLine database may only be reviewed and used by those individuals who need to know the data to fulfill their job duties. These individuals may include appropriate Veritas Human Resources, Internal Audit, Legal, Security, or management personnel, or technical staff at EthicsPoint. Those individuals may be located in the United States or in another country where the European Commission has not found that the privacy laws ensure the same level of protection of personal data as provided in the European Economic Area.

Veritas will evaluate the information you provide, and may conduct appropriate investigations, and take corrective action. All individuals you identify through your EthicsLine report will be informed about the fact that a report has been received. The information will not reveal your name or identity. In addition, all individuals you identify will have the right to correct information reported by you.

Veritas will take adequate technical, organizational, and legal steps to secure the information you provide. It also requires EthicsPoint to adequately secure your personal data and not use it for any unauthorized purposes.

You may request appropriate access to information collected about you through the EthicsLine to make appropriate corrections by contacting the Office of Ethics and Compliance at”



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